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Clay Bar & Wax
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What is a Clay Bar and Wax Treatment?

A clay bar and wax treatment for a vehicle is a two-step process that helps to improve the appearance and protect the paint. The clay bar treatment involves using a clay bar to remove impurities, such as road grime, overspray, and other contaminants, from the surface of the vehicle. The wax treatment involves applying a protective layer of wax to the paint to add shine and protect it from environmental factors such as rain, sun, and dust. This process can help to make the vehicle look new and maintain its value over time.

What are the benefits of a Clay Bar and Wax Treatment?

Cleans Surface Contaminants: A clay bar removes surface contaminants such as tar, tree sap, industrial fallout, and bug remains that may be stuck on the surface of the vehicle.

Improves Paint Finish: The clay bar treatment can improve the paint's smoothness and shine, leaving a more refined finish.

Protects Paint: Wax provides a protective barrier against the elements and other environmental factors such as UV rays, bird droppings, and acid rain that can cause damage to the paint.

Increases Longevity of Paint: The wax treatment helps to extend the life of the paint by preventing oxidation and fading, preserving its appearance for longer.

Easy Maintenance: Clay bar and wax treatments are relatively easy to perform and can be done at home or by a professional detailer. They can be done on a regular basis to maintain the shine and longevity of the paint.

Increases Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle with a clean and shiny paint job can command a higher resale value than a neglected one.

What is the application process of a Clay Bar and Wax Treatment?

Preparation: Wash the vehicle thoroughly, making sure it's free of dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Let it air dry or use a microfiber towel to dry it.

Clay Bar Application: Take a small amount of clay lubricant and spread it over a 2-3 sq. ft. area of the vehicle's surface. Knead the clay bar in your hand to soften it, then gently rub it over the lubricated surface, using a back-and-forth motion. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle has been clayed.

Wax Application: Choose a wax of your preference, either a liquid or paste wax, and follow the instructions on the product label. Apply a thin, even layer of wax to one section of the vehicle at a time. Use a clean microfiber towel to spread the wax evenly and buff it to a high gloss. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle has been waxed.

Final Touch: Inspect the entire vehicle to make sure it's free of any missed spots or smudges. If any are found, re-wax those areas. Let the wax cure for a few minutes, then use a clean microfiber towel to remove any haze or residue.

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